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These are collections of large and smaller images (collages) that are mixed together in order to create an explosion of surrealistic romanticism. The viewer experiences a magical naturalism, in which reality is penetrated with fantastical events. The pieces’ structure, construction and selection of images are in limbo between the known and the unknown, the irrational and the reason. The pieces themselves preserve the playfulness of my practice, as it is a game of layering that both blends and separates itself from the current environment. I, usually, use the aspect of nature as the supportive background narrative and I turn it into the point that stays stable and global. Thus, the incoming, foreign visual language of the piece's composition is turned into something familiar and universal.


Nowadays, everything constantly changes, yet only nature remains the common factor between people, past, present and future.

Inspirited by the Romantic period, I created an imaginative language with no limitations and guidelines such as time, place or characters. My pieces are therefore liberated from any symbolic references, allowing the viewers to read and translate the work, using their own visual language. My aim is to challenge the viewer’s imagination, inviting him to look closer at the piece, both literally and metaphorically, in order to discover this new “land”, where both the eye and mind can comprehend.